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Hardcastle Specialties, Inc.

About HSI

HSI Fire Protection specializes in the design and installation of residential fire sprinkler systems.  HSI Fabrication is a leading fabricator of commercial fire protection systems for projects throughout California. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting project schedules and deadlines, providing properly designed systems with cutting-edge technology, and exceeding our customers’ expectations with our comprehensive approach to every job.


From time to time, any construction project may face a variety of hurdles. Whether this is an unexpected site condition or a last-minute design change, HSI will work diligently to be a part of the solution.

Our knowledgeable team can arise and adapt to any challenge that your construction project may face.

Leading in Technology

HSI prides itself in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. From our state-of-the-art automated welding machines to our durable residential sprinkler systems, we continue to outperform the competition. We believe our customers deserve the best that technology can offer to protect their homes.


At HSI, we consider the personal safety and health of employees to be of primary importance. We recognize that these individuals are important assets to our business, so we make their safety and health at HSI work sites our greatest responsibility. You can trust that occupational safety and health will not be compromised to the demands of project schedules or production.